Why Feel & Heal?
Suitable for all hair types; with the continuous use of Feel & Heal Hair Oil , both men and women can get permanent relief from premature graying, dandruff, migraine, hair loss, split ends, Hair breakage, sneezing, chronic colds, discoloration of the face and skin, pus in the eyes, memory loss in children, inattention and insomnia
Ayurvedic hair oils which have a rich formulation of Organic Coconut Oil, Eclipta Alba, Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis, TinosporaCordifolia, IndigoferaTinctoria, EmblicaOfficinalis, WrightiaTinctoria, VetiveriaZizanioides, GlycyrrhizaGlabra, BacopaMonnieri, CinnamomumCamphorablend benefit hair growth, and get permanent relief from premature graying, dandruff, migraine, split ends, Hair breakage, and insomnia. They prevent hair loss and receding lines while aiding the growth of new hair.
Feel & Heal Ayurvedic oil can treat hair problems in both men and women. The Ayurvedic hair oil is effective in curing male pattern baldness, premature graying, alopecia, and receding hairlines. It controls hair fall, regrows hair on the balding patches and makes hair thick, strong and shiny.
It all depends on the condition of your hair. The more damaged your hair is, the more time you need to repair it. Bear in mind that oils work mainly inside the hair. Be sure that the oil started working even if you cannot see spectacular effects right away. Remember that regularity and a bit of patience is crucial in hair oiling. For best results use 3 bottles.
Feel & Heal Hair Oil has 100% Natural Fragrance and Color, has the Highest Concentration of Herbs, has no Side effects
Feel & Heal Ayurvedic hair oil is great for anyone and everyone over the age of 2 years. Especially useful for people with hair fall problems as it will improve the quality of hair and reverse hair damage. Color and treated hair will also be benefited with FEEL & HEAL hair oil.

100% assurance can be given. You can definitely feel the tremendous change by using Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil. Your hair will grow and will get its strength like never before! The customers’ feedbacks are our guarantee for the same. Our satisfied customers are our foremost priority and even our advertisement. Your hair will get a strong comeback by using Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil. Users acknowledge it. The fact that it makes us offer this guarantee is genuine ingredients of this product. Feel & Heal is 100% pure Ayurvedic Hair Oil with a rich formulation of 11 herbal plants. So the result is sure. 


Not only for dandruff, Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil is a permanent solution for all your hair related problems. Feel & Heal 100% Ayurvedic Hair Oil is the one-stop solution for dandruff, hair loss, premature greying, migraine, insomnia, split-ends, hair breakage and head itching. Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil has prepared by the ayurvedic experts by having years of experiments from the essence of different medicinal plants and is clinically proved.

● Shake the bottle well before using Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil

● Apply the oil in your hair and scalp appropriately

● Gently massage your hair and head for 2-3 minutes

● Wash the oil after 15 minutes and bath

● For the best results, use the oil continuously for at least three bottles

No. You don’t need to use it for life long. Here’s where Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil is different from any other hair oils. We guarantee the permanent solution for all your hair related problems if you use it atleast three bottles. The result will stay as long as your lifestyles or the environment don’t change. You can use it occasionally or as you like after the three bottles.

If you’re already affected by baldness or lack of hair due to genetic reasons, the result may be non-preferable for you. However, by using Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil, those customers can preserve the present condition of the hair by maintaining the healthy state of hair for a long time and preventing more hair falls.

By using Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil continuously, you can stop the spreading of premature greying. And once the current grey hair falls, new black hair strains will grow at the same place.

No need of using shampoo as Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil will not make your head and face oily. Remember that you may please don’t use any other oil, shampoo or soap, etc., with Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil as it may affect getting the best results. Still, if you want to use shampoos, please make sure that you’re using ayurvedic shampoo or ‘thaali’. Well, Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil is the best option for those who fear the oily problem and didn’t use any oils so far, or who use gels or who feel headache when using oils. There’s no intense odour as well.

Never. Feel & Heal is 100% Ayurvedic Hair Oil with zero side effects. Since this oil has made by the unique formulas of herbs without adding artificial ingredients, it never has any side effects.

Every 100 ml of Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil is made with the goodness of native herbs and botanical infusions. It is a fusion of 11 varieties of herbs, including Eclipta Alba (Kesharaja), Hibiscus, T.Cordifolia (Chittamruth), IndigoferaTinctoria (Neelayamari), Indian Gooseberry (Nellikka), WrightiaTinctoria (Dhanthappala), Vetiver (Ramacham), Liquorice (Irattimadhuram), Water hyssop (Brahmi), Coconut oil, and camphor tree (KarppooraKaruvappatta).

We recommend using Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil daily till the completion of 3 bottles to get the best results. Then you’ll witness the visible change in your hair. After that, you can use it for your convenient intervals. You can maintain good results for a long time even if you stop using it after three bottles unless your lifestyle or environment change.

As Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil works in deep by reaching your hair roots, you may see the hair falls in the first days of using this oil. Don’t worry, these are your unhealthy hair strains, and it is usual. Then you’ll see growing healthy hair with solid roots as an after effect of the intense working of spectacular herbs in Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil. So please don’t stop using the oil when you see the hair fall in the first days. Be patient, use it regularly, and you’ll see the best results for sure.

This won’t happen normally. However, in rare cases, some people who use any oil for the first time or who change the oil feel uneasiness or minor headaches. It’s a usual response of the head when external bodies are acting on its roots. In this situation, you may please reduce the amount and stand by time of using the oil so that your head will get resonance with the oil. And you can use it regularly after 4-6 days.

No such situation has raised so far from our customers. However, if you don’t see the results or you’re unsatisfied even after using the three bottles, you can avail free consultation with our expert ayurvedic doctors. Through that, you can communicate your particular case and get expert advice for the exceptional care you need for your hair or any other treatment details. You may please contact our customer care (+91 9847 850 337) for availing this facility. No customers will be left unsatisfied, that’s our guarantee.

One bottle of Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil costs ₹650. Attractive offers are available for the Feel & Heal Solution Pack of 3 bottles.

You would get a cheaper product in the market, but you would never get any product that challenge Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil in its efficiency and best results. Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil doesn’t use any artificial ingredients with herbs to reduce the market price as we strongly stand for the quality of the product. That’s where Feel & Heal and other oils are different. It’s the genuine formulation of 11 varieties of herbs. The purity of those natural ingredients has reflected in the price. No extraelements have added to increase the volume to lower the cost. Feel & Heal has formulated pure 100% natural ayurvedic oil at an affordable price. We are confident that all your worries will vanish once you use the oil and feel the best results that you haven’t ever seen.

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